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Motorhomes in Thailand for lease and sale

Wigwam Motorhome produces hardwood-based motorhomes in Thailand for lease and sale.

Vehicle ownership for foreigners has become complicated in Thailand. Driving cars, however, is not a problem, and one sure sees foreigners in Thailand driving any kind of bikes or cars. In touristic centers, they are usually rented. Upcountry, the vehicles are often purchased in the name of a Thai wife or girlfriend. This is a practice that put foreign men in love relationships at a great disadvantage.

The most sensible alternative is to lease a vehicle, especially if the vehicle is something special like a motorhome. Long-term leases leases and purchases of our motorhomes are uncomplicated, a matter of 30 minutes.

This becomes ever more relevant, the more new registration regulations the Thai government puts unto effect.

Wigwam motorhome

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Our motorhomes are all registered as motorhomes. They are not registered as vans, or trucks, or public transport units. This is important because police roadside control points are many. One cannot drive a vehicle between two provincial capitals without having to pass police checkpoints. Not on main roads anyway. And even if small roads are used, there where there is a bottleneck, there will be a police checkpoint.

Police checkpoints ask for driver licences. But more than anything else, they check whether car modifications have been properly registered with the Department of Land Transportation. Normal passenger cars pass police checkpoints easily. But even pickup trucks with permanent structures on the load bed will inevitably be stopped. Be sure that nobody with a vehicle modified as motorhome will be able to pass a police checkpoint without it being examined on whether it has been properly registered as such.

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