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The engineering of love, revisited

If you consider love the essence of your life, then a successful life is one in which you handle the circumstances of your life in a manner so that your love life turns out to be optimal.

And if we apply all kind of devices, both material and spiritual, to achieve an end, this can be characterized, metaphorically to various degrees, as engineering.

So, let’s talk about the engineering of love. What probably comes to mind first are psychological tricks. Engineering love in this understanding would be the application of psychological ruses, probably just short of hypnosis.

But actually, the engineering of love involves much more good old engineering than psychological trickery.

Humans need shelter. Our ancestors could, millions of years ago, but the humans we are cannot go back into the forests and live on trees. Even if personally, we are nature lovers.

It is all about shelter, and shelter is about housing, and constructing purpose-oriented housing is engineering in a literal sense.

You can live in the interior of Borneo, or an isolated island of the Philippines, or a mountain top in Nepal, if only you can manage your requirements for shelter.

And the further away you are from Western civilisation, the more special you are, as a representative of a modern world of which natives, especially young native women, often have the perception of a promised land.